Wednesday, 3 August 2011

FOUND/ADOPT: Thor - healthy, active, playful male mongrel pup, german shepherd lookalike (Anchorvale Link, Sengkang)

Some three weeks ago, we found this dog wondering around Sengkang, Anchorvale Link near a block of flats. It followed our dog home and seems lost. It is still a puppy, very playful, still teething and it doesn't mark territory (pees like a puppy) and we have ascertained its age to be about 6months to a year. We managed to find someone living in a landed property to take him in but now she doesn't want him because she says its too dangerous for her baby because she has just given birth. Furthermore she already has two dogs on her property and one of them has gotten injured in a fight.

We have named this puppy Thor and he is very playful. Have attached a video link and you can see for yourself. He is the one that looks like a German Shepard. He is quite intelligent and understands the command sit. He likes to bite shoes and rawhide bones. He also likes to be rubbed and pampered. Usually he will stand on his hind legs and put his front paws on you to beg for food. Usually he is friendly with other dogs unless provoked. He seems to know how to defend himself. He also learns pretty quickly so he's quite smart.

He is not sterilized and we are unable to ascertain where he has been vaccinated or microchipped. But he is healthy, active and playful. He is good with children and people.

We need a home for him urgently because we can't keep him in our HDB as we already have a dog. Plus Thor would do better in a landed property. He is healthy and doesn't seem to be suffering from any problems. All the other dog welfare associations seem to have no space for Thor so the only other alternative is to bring him to SPCA where he would probably be put down.

Thor's video:

Please contact us if you would like to see him or consider adopting him.
Jaclyn: 98415321
Andy: 91192831

[wed 3 aug 2011. shared on request. source: email, 3 aug 2011.]