Thursday, 4 August 2011

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Yuki the 10yo female smooth-coat chow chow in perfect health

The companionship and devotion of a pet is something that brings joy to life. Our fondest memories and funniest stories often include that certain 4-legged member of the family. The feeling that a pet can inspire has a positive affect on the animal and it's guardian. A feeling that should be enjoyed throughout life.

Having a pet keeps a Senior company and provides a two-way care for both human and companion animal.

If you know of a senior person who could do with having a dog in their life, please let us know. For these senior citizens, Noah's Ark will provide the new furry friend with special benefits such as health care and grooming for the dog they adopt from Noah's Ark.

These are the 2 senior dogs we currently have for adoption:

Yuki - 10 yrs old, female. In perfect health.

Duanne - 9 yrs old, male. In perfect health.

Find a pet that fits you and your lifestyle. Do spread the word around!

To read a short article on "Nobody loves me, I'm old" which is apt for our article today, please click: It was written by Rosina Maria Arquati, a natural animal communicator. For a chance to meet her, please take a look at the event that we have in March. For more information, click here:

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Update Sun 21 Mar

Duanne is no longer up for adoption, but Yuki's still looking for a home. A sweet dog with a fantastic temperament, she was abandoned by her old owner & redeemed from SPCA in the nick of time. In perfect health.

update fri 30 jul
yuki's fostered

update mon 1 aug
Yuki is being fostered but not adopted yet, the fosterer can't keep her permanently thus she is still looking for a good home.

thu 4 aug 2011
Yuki has finally been rehomed recently after such a long time.