Monday, 12 March 2012

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Loving Lady - calm, affectionate, independent female local cross

Hey! My name is Lady... yes, just like that elegant cocker spaniel in that movie, Lady and the Tramp.

The truth, however, is... I’m no pure bred pooch like the Lady you watched in the cinema. I was one of four puppies found along Lorong Halus, near where the shelter is located. Though I was christened “Lady”, deep down, I know I’m more a “Tramp” than a Lady.

Like “Tramp” in the movie, I yearn for my happily ever after. They say black dogs get the least love. As Fate would have it, my coat is completely black. I need humans to look past my exterior and colour to discover the softness of my fur and the sparkle in my eye.

Amongst the four of us, I’m the leader of the pack. I am also a donor dog because of my rare blood type. I’ve made a few donations which have exhausted me. The humans are very wary and protective over the potential for abuse that this presents.

If you want a gentle and calm companion, please do think of me and help put that “happily” in my happily ever after.

More Details And Photos:


Lady's home stay has ended beautifully. She is now part of a family of four, including a cat :) she is wonderfully graceful and definitely a lady with a slimmer fitter build and softer coal than before. Thanks to her family who showered her with love :) GPF wishes the family happiness ever after. Love love lady.