Wednesday, 24 August 2011

ADOPT: 2 abandoned cats, dumped out of carrier

I rescued five cats two nights ago as they were being abandoned in Woodlands area by three youngsters. They are two tiger striped cats (a male and female, about 6-10 months old) a black male Tom cat about a year old and two grey and white tabbies (female looks like she's about 6 -10 months old and the male looks like he's about a year old).

What happened:

On my way home, I sat to chat with some friends and these three kids - 2 boys and a girl - walked up and began dumping cats out of a cat carrier. The cats were obviously traumatised and confused as it was evident they are not familiar with being outdoors. Rather than run off and hide like wild cats would, they all huddled in a bunch and meowed loudly.

When I asked one of the boys what they were doing, I was rudely told to mind my own business. So when they left, I went to take a closer look and the cats ran up to me and would not leave my side. I called a friend who lived close by and asked her to bring me a couple of cat carriers and as soon as arrived, she could see they were not strays and really hungered for human contact and affection. However, she isn't able to take in any more cats and asked me to bring them home with me.

The problem is, I can't keep them. Not only do I live in HDB...I am also allergic to them. Whenever i am around them, I sneeze a lot and when they knead me with their paws, I tend to break out into massive rashes. I really do not want them to be sent to be euthanized because they are very gentle, loving cats. They love to be around people, love to be stroked and purr so loudly.

Could you please help me try to find them homes. I have uploaded their pictures to my FB page and made the album public so everyone can see them. The link is:

Anything you can do to help will certainly help. It's so important to find these cats a good home because they've already been so badly traumatised, I really don't want them to have to go through another bad experience with humans. They just don't deserve to be so badly treated.

Kelvin Wee

[tue 19 jul 2011. shared on request. source: email, 16 jul 2011.]

sat 23 jul 2011
Thank you all so much!! THe tiger striped male has been rehomed and the female is spoken for. There are three more who still need a loving home...please let all your friend know and give them a chance to be loved. Thank you all!!

wed 24 aug 2011
two more cats need homes