Monday, 22 August 2011

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Junior - energetic, playful, loving male Lab x Local

Hello! My name is Junior. Have you heard about the story of Hachiko? Well, my story is one of my love and loyalty to my canine sister.

I was rescued from the perils of the dangerous roads. When my sister was mercilessly knocked down by a car and sent to AVA, I loitered by that very road, wishing to
see her again. However, I never heard from her since.

Knowing how dangerous it is for me, I was brought to Gentle Paws & Friends where I found shelter and love.

I have since recovered from the tragic loss of my sister and regain my playful and friendly nature. I am bustling with energy and love to play.

I have a sad past and I really hope someone will give me a home. Fairy tails (tales) always have a happy ever after ending. Will you be the lead in my future happy tale of everlasting love and loyalty?

more details in link below.

[thu 12 may 2011. email from an animal lover, 9 may 2011. source:]

mon 22 aug 2011
junior is officially rehomed!