Saturday, 10 July 2010

[rip] CHEWY HAS LIVER POISONING, NEEDS KITTY BLOOD: healthy 4-5yo cats, contact 84333307

Chewy (domestic short hair, male, 2 yrs 4mths) had just recovered from PU surgery but is admitted to hospital yesterday (8 July 2010) due to liver poisoning, which is spreading to his organs resulting to internal bleeding.

Chewy is currently being seen to at Animal Recovery Centre, and the vet has said that he urgently requires blood transfusion from a healthy cat between 4-5kg with no infections.

How You Can Help:
We are in dire need of help and are urgently seeking owners of healthy cats between 4 - 5 kg with no infections to come forward to donate blood in order to save Chewy's life.

We can make the arrangements for transportation etc if needed and we will cover for expenses. We just want him to be healthy and normal again.

Please help our Chewy. He was a healthy, active and lively cat until the illnesses. And we love him so much like our family.

Thank you very much and we truly appreciate any kind help provided.

[sat 10 jul., fri 9 jul.]

update sat 10 jul
Unfortunately, Chewy has succumbed to his illness today. Thank you for all your support, kind words and offers - we really appreciate this.