Tuesday, 6 July 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Blackie, Lovely and Sweetie, the 3 remaining kim chuan specials

(from top: blackie, lovely, sweetie)

Dear all,

Remember Novi? The puppy at kim chuan that was saved last november?

As i mentioned then, there are 6 more dogs staying at the factory: 3 females and 3 males. i managed to spay 2 females while they were on heat and the last female was already pregnant then and i could not nab her. she has given birth to 7 puppies of about 1 mth old now.

I went to take pictures of them today and the man told me one of them was not seen the whole morning. there is a big drain at his office leading to the main road and he suspected that the puppy was drowned by the heavy rain last nite.

Sadly, i got to see only 6 of them. Kindly help spread words around to see if there is anyone interested in adopting the balance 6 (Hopefully 7) puppies asap as it is really dangerous for them to put up at where they are now.(With a big drain and a 2-way road just outside the factory where they can just run out to the road coz the gate are always open).

Also,the man intends to bring them to spca. He's agreed to give me 2 weeks to look for adopters... Pls help give these puppies a home.

More photos here: http://img138.imageshack.us/g/dsc00632ng.jpg/

Anyone who is Interested pls contact me at my email add : shindylamwp@hotmail.com

Update Wed 7 Apr
7 puppies are in a shelter now and need homes asap. Please help to spread the word.

Update Tue 18 May
only one is adopted....the six puppies are still awaiting for a loving home..

update wed 30 jun
Hi, those puppies (3mth +) are up for adoption with no adoption fee. However, we request you promise a loving home for them. Currently there's 3 left from the 7 puppies. Let me know if you are interested or pass this msg around. At the moment, those poor pups live in the factory. We are also open for those who like to foster them.


update tue 6 jul
the 3 pups have all been adopted