Thursday, 8 July 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 7mo white male bunny

male 7months old male unsterilised bunny for adoption as he started fighting with my other male bunny. only allow him to go to families whom have taken care of bunnies before.

-not allowed for breeding with other bunny
-potty trained but random poo will be out of potty, will have to sweep up the poo and clean the cage bottom with dettol to prevent him from peeing elsewhr but the potty.
-have to let him out everyday to run around
-able to bathe him with bunny shampoo but blow dry thoroughly

any questions can just call me or msg me directly even after adoption (:

owner must be able to take good care of him and able to commit time.

[sat 12 jun. source:, thu 10 jun.]

update thu 8 jul