Thursday, 3 June 2010

[reunited!] FOUND: microchipped female JRT rescued from middle of Sembawang Road

Found by Morna who said,

"Vet said got microchip no but I must call ava n spca 2morrow 2 check. If got licensed then can trace owner otherwise cant.

It's a 1 n half yrs white female jack russell found in the middle of sembawang rd. Vet said it's healthy must be lost dog:-(

Will walk her around d place found 2 c whether she can lead d way home n oso call spca n ava. She was almost smashed tis pm in d middle of d road wif heavy traffic, lucky 2 be alive."

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[Wed 2 Jun. Source:, Wed 2 Jun.]

Update Thu 3 Jun
Owner found !!! :D Her name is Tutu and she is a deaf dog . Really blessed to have survived yesterday . M walked her to the area where she was found and after some time , the owner came running after them . Apparantly Tutu ALWAYS slips out . Pfffft !