Monday, 31 May 2010

HELP: Property agent contacts for Mdm Ellen, carer of 200 cats, some dogs

Mdm Ellen's lease expires at end june 2010 and she will have to return to area to SLA. The whole estate is slated for redevelopment and will be no extension. She was informed only a few months ago without any offers of alternative locations.

Todate, she has been unable to find alternative housing for close to 200 cats and some dogs. She has been doing a job for these animals to the best of her abilities.

Please help to ask around. For contacts you know or forward the information to property agents. The current housing is rented from SLA which means she has been fulfiling the strict monthly rental and other basic obligations without issues.

The is not a request for donations but information. Kindly help to spread/look around or forwards to property agents. It is costless and will prevent a tragedy.

Requirements are about

  • For immediate move in
  • Terrace/Semi-D/Bungalow
  • Single/double storey
  • Total Floor area about 3000 sqf or so (flexible)
  • Budget, about 1.8k -2.8k per month negotiable
    (open to consideration of higher rental due to urgency)
  • Central/East side
  • Condition/Amenities/Transport not important
  • Privacy preferred.

please drop me an email ,or PM

artelem @ singnet. com. sg

Hp : 90033483

thanks all,


Link to original thread about Mdm Ellen's efforts:

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