Friday, 2 July 2010

FOUND/FOSTER/ADOPT: Godrick the 3-4yo male black/tan/white dog with blue collar (ayer rajah camp, thu 1 jul pm)

Found this male dog aged around 3-4years at Ayer Rajah Camp this afternoon.
He is black/tan/white in color.
He have a blue collar on.
He is extremely thin and brought him to the vet. Vet said he have some small skin infections.

so anyone living around that area might have lost a dog?

PM maouRINGO through the link below.

[thu 1 jul., thu 1 jul.]

update fri 2 jul
Hi, we decided to bring him to the vet as he was very thin with a few small injuries.
Furthermore when we were trying to get him out of the bush and into the car, it was raining very heavily. Poor boy was in a puddle & shivering.

The vet said he seems bright & energetic despite his weight. And he is just an overall cheerful dog who just want to go out, although he tend to be in his own world (meaning short attention span.) But managed to teach him "Sit", although not 100% but still have to work on his attention.

He is currently with an awesome friend who managed to house him for the night as I have 3 chihuahuas & cats myself. Although he is friendly to dogs of different size (from his brief interaction with the canines at Pet Ugamart). But I try to seperate them due to his small skin infection (The vet said it could infect dogs with weaker immune system if the dogs lick those areas) And I don't want to enclose him in a toilet or kitchen at night.

So for the time being, we are hoping to find a foster home for him to nurse him back to an appropriate weigh.

I know how SPCA would put dogs to sleep, so that was never an option for us. And alot of dog shelters are normally packed and couldn't take in more dogs. Still looking for shelters though. But if we really can't find him a home for the time being, then will put him in a boarding home and hope that his owner or some kind & patient soul will give this boy a permanent home. We decided to named him Godrick.

Anyway, I can be contacted at 98265564. Do contact me if you can foster or adopt this awesome dog.