Monday, 28 June 2010

[reunited!] FOUND/FOSTER: microchipped female westie (yishun, fri 25 jun 11+am)

Brought her to the vet for a physical check.
She's generally healthy with a little skin problem.
She has a micro-chip on her. (I have the 16 digits)
She's about 10 years old.

She was found this morning around 11 plus.
No collar.
She's just shaved recently. Well groomed dog.

Awww... She's sleeping now.

Oh, how do I brush a westie's fur?
She look a bit messy after I bathe her.

Please pm me for more details of the dog.

Will email you the pics upon request. (Sorry not sure how to upload here)

[sat 26 jun. and, fri 25 jun.]

update 26 jun
Please help to look for its owner.
She's under my care till tmr. I have to pass her to a friend tmr night.
I can't keep her as there's no one at home during the day on weekdays.
I'm afraid my dog and her will fight.

update mon 28 jun
Yuki (the westie) is back with her owner.
So glad that she can go home and have a good night sleep.