Wednesday, 29 February 2012

FOSTER/ADOPT: Nugget - friendly male stray dog

Hold on, don't skip this adoption post! Open your eyes big, and here's Nugget. Yes, he is a friendly stray roaming about but he doesn't attack or charge at people and he'll prove all those that think that stray mongrels attack, bites and causes nuisance WRONG. He's the friendliest stray I've ever met in my whole life and I fell in love at him but I can no longer house another one. He trusts humans too easily and that makes him extremely vulnerable to being caught by the authorities. A van has already came down to look for dogs and we're glad he managed to escape.

No one knows how much longer can he roam about without getting caught. He's estimated to be about 1 (I may be wrong), but definitely less than 2. If you have a home and heart big enough for this adult, medium size mongrel, please contact me at or 97768464. Believe me, once you meet him, you'll fall in love with him. A big boy but still loves belly rubs, and did I mention? He love to follow people around the estate, yes any stranger. He's friend with everyone but unfortunately, some 2-legged cannot stand his presence and called the relevant authorities.

He may be a full grown, you may have missed the period that he may look the cutest, but.. you still have another 13-15 years more to spend with this lovely boy. He has missed his good "puppyhood" too. He has been roaming around since birth and has never experienced family warmth, how it feels like to have a home, a roof under his head and not going around, trying to scavenge for his own meal everyday. Kindly note that's he's non-hdb approved. If you're below 21, kindly get your family members, or working adults at home to contact me. Please remember that this is a lifetime commitment because this goofy boy will be dedicating the rest of his life, day and night, just for you and your family. Adopter has to sterilize, and vaccinate him, and grant house visits prior to arrangement so that we can monitor how he's getting along.

More pictures of him in the link below,