Wednesday, 29 February 2012

ADOPT: Lucy the 1+yo singapore girl found lying near the road

Lucy was found all skeleton and weak lying near the road looking at every passerby for help under the hot weather..many days went by but no kind soul came forward for Lucy.

She is about to close her eyes to accept her dying fate when a kind lady rushed over with fresh cool water and nice aroma food to perk her up...there Lucy opened her eyes weakly and started eating as it was emperor dish serve specially for her.

Today, Lucy is a very active girl that love being with human, she loves playing hide and seek like a little girl and she wont let you stop your sayang.

If you are keen to adopt Lucy, please call HP: 9765 9951 for viewing.

Please note that Lucy is not under HDB approved breed.

[Mon 7 Jun. Source:, Sun 6 Jun.]