Monday, 6 February 2012

ADOPT: Brightie the 3mo singapore girl, found w neck wound, covered w dirt + ants

About a month ago, a supervisor (local chap) arrrived at the construction work site somewhere in Changi to find a puppy covered with dirt and ants. He thought it was dead and was about to bury it when he noticed there was chest movement.

He rushed the puppy to a vet.
The vet said that the puppy's head was very swollen.
Under anaesthesia, he found a long longitudinal laceration along the line of the neck spine. He suspected that the wound was likely to be intentionally inflicted with a chopper or cleaver. Was the puppy meant to be food but for some reasons, it didn't end up in the cooking pot?
There were bits of what looked like brain tissue in the wound.

Miraculously the puppy survived but with some impairment of vision. He is now due for discharge.

He is about 3-month-old by now.

Because of his partial visual impairment, he may be snappy to "strange" hands but once your smell is familiar and the hands are proven to be friendly, he will open up his heart to you too.

[sun 29 aug 2010. reproduced with permission of MettaCats. original post:, sat 28 aug 2010.]

thu 2 sep 2010
Brighton, the puppy suspected to be "chopped" for food, is a girl, so her name is changed to Brightie.

This is the photo taken by the rescue on the day she was found.

Anyone who wishes to support Brightie's care under MettaCats, please write to

wed 27 oct 2010
SY's update
"Brightie - the scar on her forehead sort of leveled off n no more bump. She s very sweet but camera-shy, difficult to take good pics. this was taken last nite after her supper, where she happily crossed her front legs holding on to a piece of beef jerky, enjoyed all the way, you can see the contentment in her. :)"

If you can open your heart and your non-HDB home (local dogs are NOT permitted in HDB flats) to Brighton, please write to