Thursday, 12 January 2012

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Bobby - good-natured, friendly 6mo male kitten tolerant towards young kids

Bobby was rescued from Meyer Park 2 weeks ago, he is looking for a good home.

He is about 5/6 months old judging from his size. He is very good natured, can tolerate young kids playing with him, he is very friendly, has a great personality and follows people around like a dog, comes charging towards you when you call out to him. He catches pest.

I suspect he is a Bengal mix which is famed for their distinct character. Bobby bounces around, roll around and sometimes do somersaults when he is in a good mood, I also found that it is really easy to wash him, definitely not a cat that is bath shy!

I really hope that he can find a good home soon as I cannot have another cat in my house due to my ageing cat.

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bobby's adoption is confirmed