Tuesday, 10 January 2012

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 3 x 3wo ginger kittens - fosterer can't cope with load

Hi there, found a litter of abandoned kittens yesterday.

There are 4 of them, estimated to be about 3 weeks old, ginger breed (3 are all ginger, 1 is part ginger mixed with white), all have straight tails, the sexes of all of them are unknown, I am not very good at discerning cat genders at such a young age. They looked to be in good health.

They are currently in the care of a fosterer and are urgently looking for good homes as the fosterer is not able to cope with the load.

More photos here https://www.dropbox.com/gallery/31506846/1/kittens?h=84b2f5


1 kitten has been adopted. :) 3 more still looking for good homes.

all the kittens have found homes