Friday, 23 March 2012

ADOPT: Sparky - submissive, affectionate 5yo male jrt

Require help to rehome a JRT that my aunt have helped foster for 1 year+. His previous owner have gone back to Philippines for almost 2 years. My aunt has got a mongrel, cannot cope with another JRT. Sparky is currently at her friend's place.

Name: Sparky

Gender: Male (Spayed)

Breed: JRT

Size: Small

Temperament: Submissive, affectionate.

Colour: Tan / White

Age: About 5 years old

Toilet Habits: Will pee in toilet but prefer to pee and poo outside. (He has submissive peeing issue)

Special Requirement: Need an owner who can tolerate his submissive peeing issue and able to shower him with lots of love and attention.
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