Sunday, 18 March 2012

ADOPT: Lucky (6+yo female) + Hebai (2+yo male) - mother and son local cross dogs evicted from factory by ava

Ex-residents of a factory, mother/son. Evicted by AVA.

Name: Lucky
Breed: Local Cross
Age: 6+
Sex: Female
Sterilized: Yes, already treated for heart-worm.
Temperament: Based on our observations, she is of very mild temperament and gets along with humans. She is quiet, calm and wants very much to be out of her kennels. Slightly smaller size compared to other mongrels, around 12-14kg.

Name: Hebai
Breed: Local Cross
Age: 2+
Sex: Male
Neutered: No.
Temperament: Active dog, inseparable from his mum

Preferably, both are adopted together.

Contact: Chang Ming (96176422)