Sunday, 4 December 2011

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Crystal - badly abused, burnt female cat

I recently came across a cat that was badly abused. Someone threw something really hot on her and her lower back was all burnt.
Luckily for her, she was found by her regular stray feeders, who together with Zeus Communications ( a group of animal lovers) rushed her to the vet in the nick of time...before the infection get the better of her.

She has since been treated and is now recovering very well at Mount Pleasant (RedHill) Clinic. All the staff at the clinic have nothing but praises for this girl as she was really brave and cooperative throughout the whole procedure to treat her and to do the skin graft. The vet also mentioned that her wounds are healing well and in a few week's time, she will be back to her cute and beautiful self again.

I hope you can help this cat, even if by sharing this info with all your friends who may be interested to adopt one. Crystal is such a strong girl and really deserves a good shot at life in a nice home, away from nasty humans who do terrible things that really baffle.

[tue 16 aug 2011. shared on req. source: email, 16 aug 2011.]


From Zeus Communications:

Do you recall Crystal the scalded cat? She is now living the lifestyle of a Princess. I am sure that in her past life, Crystal was served by several slaves! She sleeps on a leather sofa with her four paws in the air and just imagine it - her slaves fanning her to keep her cool. Crystal has found her forever home with our volunteer Jeannie who adores and loves her very much.