Tuesday, 6 December 2011

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Chocolate - handsome, barkish alpha 4yo male silky terrier

Attached is video of this handsome pedigree ( alpha ) male silky terrier named Chocolate, playing with a soft toy.
He's about 4 years old, micro-chipped & licensed.

He needs understanding dog lover owner ( alone or couple ) with a garden compound ( not HDB / uses garden) as he tends to be barky.

He's extremely territorial as he will stand on his hind legs & push away strangers or even family members who suddenly goes near the owner.
However, he appears to be good with little children & would allow them to stroke & kiss him.

New owner would need to be able to control / dominate him.
He's with the last person I tried to rehome with. He's been there for 1 year.

I'm afraid I've run of out potential adopters on my side: He been through 3 others - they've kept him for 3 days - a week.
When people see him, they'll like him because he's so good looking & so strong. It's when they have him at home & he starts bullying
their family members ( stand on his hind legs & push people ) & his loud barking so they are forced to return him to me!

A friend adopted him when it didn't work out conveniently pushed him on my lap to find a home for him!


Fosterer decided to keep him as he's responded well under her care.