Thursday, 10 November 2011

SOS@SPCA! FOUND: m/c white female mixed breed, one brown ear, one spotty/brown, spotty belly, scar around neck (ngee ann poly/bukit timah)

Dog found near Ngee Ann Poly and then brought to Bukit Timah near Sixth Avenue.

Female, White mixed breed, on smaller side of medium. Has one brown ear and other ear is spotty and brown.

Spotty Underbelly.

Trained - knows Sit, Down, Paw and has that 'just shampooed' dog smell.

Non-alpha, non-aggressive. Will belly-up for you to pat.

Has choker chain on and is not injured. Has an old scar around neck.

Artists from the Art gallery next door found this dog off a woman who found it initially along Ngee Ann Polytechnic. The woman tied her belt to it to prevent it from escaping. The artists brought the dog back to our compound but couldn't keep it in the art gallery with the artworks. I checked the dog, fed it and brought it in from the rain last night.

This dog belongs to someone.

Please help post on pet forums and pass this on.

Dog is now at SPCA case ID 104707

Microchip is 702 039 390 015 465 but AVA says not registered with them.

Call SPCA shelter office at 62875355 ext 25 this is your dog.