Sunday, 14 August 2011

[rehomed!] SOS! PLS FORWARD! FOSTER/ADOPT: Yumi - energetic, curious 2yo female mongrel, loves pats and walks

I have a 2 YrsOld mongrel named YUMI.
She was abandoned by her previous owner because YUMI was from his ex girlfriend and his current is not a dog-lover. I adopted her in July2010. It's been 9 months and she still couldn't get along well with my dog. They will fight and injure each other every time they get near. In the end, i had to leash them at two corners of my room.

Things were still fine when i wasn't working because then, i had time to stay at home and look after them. But after i start working with my parents, I didn't have that time to look after them. My mother-in-law ended up looking after them. Both my brother and sister-in-laws are really unhappy over this.

Since I adopted her until now, the Town Council, AVA and finally HDB has come several times to check up on my husband's place where both of my dogs are kept. His family already has 2 dogs in the first place. I've tried hiding her for awhile and bringing him back home but each time I do, my neighbours complain again and the authorities come again. The relationships between my family are deteriorating more and more as each day passes and My husband and is not staying together anymore. I just go back every Saturday to check on her. Only saturdays beacause i'm working 18hours a day and 6days a weeek. I've received several warning letters from the HDB and countless visits to my home to check on my dogs. I was also fined once for keeping 4 dogs in an HDB flat, with one not HDB-approved and without a license.

I adopted her because I could keep her for good without causing any trouble. I couldn't bear to give her up. Now I've grown attached to her and vice versa, and it breaks my heart completely that I have to give her up but at the end of the day, I simply have no choice.

Name: YUMI
Age: Turning 2 years old on 29th April
Gender: Female
Breed: Mongrel

Vaccinated: Once

Sterilized: No.

Health condition? Healthy but couldn't gain any weight due to the stress and tension going on in the house and the fact that she couldn't get along well with my the other dog.

Physical description: White with a light brown line across her back.

About her: Energetic and curious, possessive with food, loves patting and sleeping with her owner. Loves going out for walks.She's scared to be alone or closed in a room. She once barked for 2 hours non-stop because no one's at home. So she barked until i was home. Knows how to "sit" and "shake hand". She's paper trained and she's very good with children.

HDB gave me until the end of January the last time they came to check, and that's way past the due date by now. They haven't followed up yet but I think they would anytime now.

Yumi has become very special to me in the past 9 Months, and she's very attached to me. He needs a firm hand and VERY PATIENT person to care for him. I know, because I was patient with her. I would care for him for the rest of my life if the circumstances were different.

She is a special girl who's brought a lot of joy and laughter to me, and I know her personality sounds like a handful, but she really just needs a lot of understanding/care and love with all that he's been through. Please be patient with her, and I'd be eternally grateful to any kind souls out there who are willing to extend a helping hand.

[mon 11 apr 2011. shared on request. source: email, fri 1 apr 2011.]

tue 2 aug 2011
very urgent case. please spread the word. family is threatening to put yumi to sleep or just let her go into the wild.

sun 14 aug 2011
Good news! Yumi has found a home! Thank you to the kind person who took her in.