Thursday, 18 August 2011

STILL LOST: Ner Ner - 6yo female white maltese mix w purple bell collar (blk 288 choa chu kang ave 3, 22 mar 2011)

I would like to seek your assistance in posting a search for my lost pet Ner Ner.

She was lost to us near BLK 288 CHOA CHU KANG AVE 3 PLAYGROUND.
AGE: 5 years 10 months at that time.
BREED: Female white Maltese Mix (SMALL BREED)

She wore a PURPLE BELL COLLAR, was at the playground area for daily evening walk when she went missing around 5.45PM on 22nd March.
I was just out of the hospital after a major surgery and had sent Ner Ner over to my younger brother's home for her to be taken care of for the time-being.

When I returned to visit her (as I was still weak from the surgery, I couldn't do most of the cleaning and feeding), she was estastic to see me. So when it's time for me to leave, my nephew decided to bring her downstairs for a quick walk to send me off as well. That was when I guess as I made my way to the bus-stop, she had followed me along without my knowledge and someone else picked her up thinking she was lost.

If you see or found her, PLEASE IMMEDIATELY CALL me or my younger brother:
JENNY HP: 9146 5059
THOMAS HP: 8133 1058


*We still held out hope someone will return her back to our care! If not, we just wish for the "new" owner to please give us a call to just let us know she is in good hands*

[thu 18 aug 2011. shared on req. source: email, 17 aug 2011.]