Thursday, 15 December 2011

Friends, pls help up load on all web sites to appeal for donors.....or fwd this to yr doggy owning friends.... Thks thks...

Poor Molly is under d weather again. The Tick Fever reared it's ugly head!! This time is the nasty BABESIA CANIS strain. Harder to get rid if n cure. It also spreads faster!!!

Her blood count has been dropping frm 33% down to 24%!!! We hve been giving Eprex injection and also Wellvone (the Golden Syrup - very $$$)

She is anaemic n the condition n quality of her cells r quite delicate.

Molly will hve a blood test tomorrow. If the PCV bloodcount % has dropped further, means that the Eprex n Wellvone is not really working.

We need dogs with Negative Blood. Clean of Tick Fever n Heartworm. Not sure?? No problem. My vet will do d test before taking any blood. Donors must be under 7 yrs old and weigh more than 23 kgs.

Pls call Leng at 9619-3208.

Vet - Jireh Vet at 15 Venus Rd. Windsor Park Estate. Off Upper Thomson Rd.

Dr Christopher Tham.
Tel: 6556-0268.