Tuesday, 13 December 2011

[rehomed!] SOS! ADOPT: Abby - shy, loving, playful 3mo female mongrel found at shipyard

i have a rescued pup at home for the past two weeks..

Animal's name: Dog- ABBY
Age: arnd 3 months
Gender: female
Breed: mongrel

Physical/character traits? - shy but once friendly is very loving, playful

Microchipped? - no

When and where was it lost/found/seen? - she was found at jurong shipyard by a lady one month back, with her sister, who has been adopted.. this pup was fostered by an old lady in an hdb and now i have taken over her fostering until she gets adopted.

Other comments: feel free to reach me at the given number. Thnks in advance


Pls. if you can help me find a home for Abby. Sadly, I wont be able to foster Abby for much long. Pls help her.

abby found home