Saturday, 1 October 2011

[reunited!] LOST: Koby - epileptic male b/w border collie w black/red/white collar, black leash (king albert park

Koby, a black and white Border Collie dog was last seen at railroad beside King Albert Park on 30th Sept 2011 around 10am.

He could be around these areas: Holland, Old Holland Road, Mount Sinai, or Bukit Timah Road.

He is a neutered male. He's epileptic which means he needs to take his medication every month to avoid seizures. He wore a black red and white collar with a black leash attached to him.

A hefty reward will DEFINITELY be given for safe return.

Photo and details at

Please help to pass around. Thanks. [30.9.11/e]

The dog is found. The owner search the whole day and went from house to house. (updated on 30th Sep 11.43 pm)