Monday, 26 September 2011

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Oreo - intelligent, active, alert, alpha 9-11mo boxer cross mongrel

Name: Oreo

Breed: Cross Boxer (Father: Pure Breed Boxer, Mother: Mongrel)

Age: Estimated 9-11 mths old

About Oreo:
Took him in from the wild when he's a puppy (estimated 2 mths old). Is fully vaccinated, de-worm and spayed now. Oreo is a very intelliigent dog but quite alpha. Thats the reason why I can't handle him though I would love to keep him.

Is active, alert and high energy dog. Has guard dog attributes. Will bark to alert when sees stranger or hear noises. Loves to play with soft toys, squeaky toys and run around.

Adoptors preferably to be staying in private house, so there is more space for him to roam. He loves to run and jump thus if adoptors are keen, can send him for Agility training. He will fare very well in that aspect.

Know basic commands like Sit, Down, Hi-Five, Paw, Stay and Off. Reason for saying he's intelligent is because he use a day (only 2 hours) to learn 3 command and he knew it after that!

Is Pee-tray and outdoor trained. Did not train him myself, he knew it when I first brought him home. Automatically went up onto my Golden retriever pee-tray and pee. I guess he smell and sees my golden doing that.

Brought him to swim every Saturday thus if adoptor is keen, Oreo had his membership paid. Owner just have to pay $6 entrance fee each time you bring him to the pool. It's for unlimited hours and use. Can bath him there as well. Will pass his memdership information to you.

Reason for unable to keep him:
- Not suitable for HDB
- He needs space to burn off his energy
- He needs more attention

Would really hope he goes to a good home. Please do not send him back to the wild.

[mon 25 apr 2011. shared on request. source: email, mon 25 apr 2011.]

rescuer has decided to try keeping oreo.