Friday, 24 June 2011

SOS! SEEN: female smooth-haired daschund w whitish brows, solid tan w white pattern on chest (Kembangan, Lengkong Tiga, near Block 103)

Animal's name: ???
Age: ??? Has some whitish brows typical of aging dogs, though.
Gender: Female
Breed: Smooth-haired Dachshund

Physical/character traits: Solid tan with white pattern on chest.

Microchipped: ???

When and where was it lost/found/seen: I only saw it in the early evening, about 6pm today but got a text later from a friend who said she saw it wandering around the MRT station. Wasn't sure if it had a owner then because sometimes there are people who walk their dogs unleashed. As a resident in the area I have never seen this dog before.

Other comments: Photos of her attached. I've fed her and given her water. She took the treats first then sniffed around before slowly eating the kibbles so I suspect she hasn't be out on her own for long. Is slightly timid but very friendly. She stayed near the playground area because there were many people there. She also seems sociable with other dogs. Went down to look for her again, she is gone but I believe she may come back again. Will update. She has quite a foul smell (not typical doggy) and has what seems like tar streaks on her (construction nearby). Other than that she is active and looks uninjured.

Your contact details: Elizabeth Lim, 98546972

[fri 24 jun 2011. shared on request. source: email, fri 24 jun 2011.]