Wednesday, 22 June 2011

ADOPT: Countess the gentle, shy, playful 3yo singapore girl

Found her when she was about 2 weeks old in an open field.Has done all tests and has been cleared of all illnesses and has been steralised. Due to the hot weather,she has a skin problem which is already improving.Mainly at her chest area

Neighbours are threatening to complain to AVA about her if i continue to keep her and i am really desperate that someone would adopt her or help to rehome her as i do not want her to be put to sleep.

Gentle,shy,playful and dosen't bark.

Please kindly contact me at if you can help adopt her or rehome her.There would be NO adoption Fee.

[Wed 14 Apr. Source:, Wed 14 Apr.]

Update Tue 18 May
The new owners can be rest assurered that she doesnt bark coz in all the years that ive kept her ive only heard her barking twice. :)