Monday, 19 July 2010

[rehomed!] URGENT! FOSTER/ADOPT: Little Rascal, the hyperactive 4-5mo male puppy with red harness (blk 406 woodlands st 41, early july)

A small puppy had been found few days ago around Blk 406 Woodlands St 41. Estimated to be ard 4-5months old and looks like a little deer. Healthy and hyperactive. Puppy was not micro-chipped and he was wearing a red colored harness when found. Do contact me at 9246 8063 if u had lost your puppy.

[sun 4 jul., sun 4 jul.]

update sat 10 jul
Estimated to be around 4-5months old puppy found around Woodlands St 41. He was wearing a red-colored harness and was clean and neat from his outlook and highly suspected to be a case of abandon pet.

It has been around a week but no one has came forward to claim the puppy hence I'm putting the puppy up for adoption. He is too hyperactive and my own dog is very hostile to him probably upset at his existence.

more photos of little rascal here

update sun 18 jul
The foster family can't keep him longer and going to send him to SPCA if no one foster/adopt.

Pls help to spread words for this young boy.
est. 4-5 mths old.Friendly and playful.

[sun 18 jul., sun 18 jul.]

update mon 19 jul
rascal has been adopted by a young couple