Sunday, 18 July 2010

SPONSOR: sterilisation of cats in marsiling drive blk 31-37 due complaints

I do not represent any organisation and is working on this case closely with Mr Sivam who represents Sembawang Town Council (SBTC), with regards to the complaints made by residents that there are too many un-neutered cats, making lots of noise in the middle of the night and dirtying the area.

I made a trip down and spoke to some residents - most are okay with the cats. I was further informed that it was not just that estate alone - just across the road at Blk 203 there are more untipped cats and more new kittens born. I made a few discovery and documented some of the cats that I had encountered - there are a total of at least 7 adult cats unsterilised 3 kittens.

I have not gone to to Blk 203 and am thinking of resolving the urgency at Blk 33-34 first since SBTC had placed a notice to inform residents to be responsible, or else actions will be taken. I do not want the cats to be rounded up, not especially since one of the resident told me just recently they had rounded up a lot of cats there.

How You Can Help:
I sincerely appeal to who are staying close by to make rounds and communicate with feeders as well as residents, and at the same time those who are able to contribute donations for them. I am financially constrained with simply faith, energy and a never-say-die body to work on it. Thus I will require as much support as possible.

I will be engaging the Cat Welfare Society's subsidised sterilisation programme to get slots for the cats. The cost for spaying a female cat will be $45 while male at $25.

With 15 cats as the aim, and with the fact that there're more female cats, I'd estimated the total for sterilisation to be roughly $900 in total with transport and boarding included.

I will be very transparent about the donations and will scan all receipts and report on my Facebook profile as well as updating my appeals on the various portals.

Any funds leftover will be either be brought forward to sterilising more cats in Marsiling or donated to the Cat Welfare Society and MettaCats at a 50/50 split.

If you have any further concerns, enquiries or even advices, please do drop me (Jayet) a mail at - from thereon I can then provide a HP no. for further follow-up on this case.

Thank you.

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