Tuesday, 13 July 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 2+yo siberian husky

The owner is migrating to overseas, they cant take all the dogs with them. They are hoping that someone with the space and understand this breed to adopt the Husky for good.

Ensure that a yard or garden is fenced-in, with the base of the (wire) fence firmly and deeply buried the ground.

Twice a year the Husky sheds its heavy coat and requires intensive grooming with a metal comb or shedding blade to get rid of the excess hair. At other times, grooming a Siberian is relatively easy

Please note that Husky are not allowed in HDB thus we will only entertain PRIVATE home owner only!


The Siberian Husky (or Sibe) is one of the most strikingly beautiful dog breeds on the planet, with piercing blue eyes and a distinctive coat. Sibes are also extremely intelligent and can be very cunning!

The Husky is a strong working dog and is very playful, friendly and easy-going. Siberians love people, to the extent that they can be over-friendly to strangers, and therefore do not make good guard dogs. Traditionally a sled dog, huskies love to run, but when they do they can become oblivious to everything else. Sibes need a fenced-in yard to keep them safe and away from danger

Read more at Suite101: How to Care for a Siberian Husky: 10 Useful Tips for Dog Owners of Sibes http://dog-care.suite101.com/article.cfm/how_to_care_for_siberian_huskies#ixzz0kW7Lh8Wv

[Fri 9 Apr. Source: http://www.petschannel.com/adoption/pet_profile.cfm?c=1&g=0&st=2&so=2&start=1&ad=5404, Thu 8 Apr.]

update tue 13 jul
husky is rehomed