Friday, 14 May 2010

Sign up for PetAlert (free!) - every 100 new subscribers gets Mdm Wong's Shelter $50

Dear Mdm Wong's Shelter (MWS) friends, we are pleased that MWS will receive 50 cents for every sign-up with PetAlert. It's that easy, just sign up with PetAlert and remember to get your friends to sign up as well.

PetAlert will pay MWS once it reach 100 subscribers.

E.g 100 x 50 cts = MWS receives $50 and another when it reaches 200.

PetAlert is a useful network to help locate missing pets. Check out their website at for more details.

Thank you very much :)

To find out more about Mdm Wong's Shelter, visit their:
- Website:
- Facebook page

[Fri 14 May. Source: wall post on MWS facebook page:, Mon 10 May.]