Tuesday, 23 February 2010

MISSING DOG! Have You Seen Xiao Wang? (bandaged brown mongrel)

Stray Brown Mongrel with left leg bandaged. Reported to have been captured by the SPCA on the night of Sunday 14th Feb 2010 at Thong Soon Rd, Upper Thomson Rd.

However, SPCA claims that XW has been claimed by an 'owner' on Thursday the 18th and refuses to reveal info on who the owner is. I find their statement hard to believe and fear that he has been put to sleep. If anyone has seen XW, or if you are the owner, please let us know if he is ok.

XW first appeared around our area after CNY last year 2009 and we have been taking care of him since. He got knocked down by a lorry a few months ago and we rushed him to the vet to get his fractured leg bandaged. The vet told us that his cast can be removed in another 2 weeks time.

XW has touched the lives of many of us and we miss him......and would like to see him again!

Please check out this link for more pictures.....


Please contact me ASAP if you have any info on XW.
Mark, 93673991. He is greatly missed by the residents here......