Friday, 26 February 2010

[rehomed!] Adopt Puppy, a X-breed Tibetan Spaniel

Name: Puppy

Age: 7 - 8 years old

Gender: Female

Sterilised: Yes

Behaviour with children: Unknown

Behaviour with other animals: Unknown

Reason for adoption: Severe neglect by current owner

Current condition: She has been confined in a wet and cold bathroom, pee and poo in the same place where she sleeps and eats. Tied to a very short leash that only allows her to reach her food. Hardly enough space for her to walk around. She is given very little dry food with lots of leftover white rice, or sometimes no food if they forgot to replenish her dry food.

It is heard that the owner's mum will use the hose to spray on her and the floor to clear her poo and pee, and leave her to shiver until she is dry.

Urgent foster needed to get her out of the house ASAP. Contact and I will refer you to the person who is liaising directly with the current owner. Please repost this on your profile and help this dog. Thanks!

Update 31 Jan 2010
Puppy is successfully off the owner's hands and currently being fostered at a nice place with a huge garden. She was overjoyed and had a great time running around with much-deserved freedom and fresh air.

A few families dropped by to visit Puppy and everyone loved her. The list of potential adopters have been narrowed down to a very nice and sincere family. They have a little girl whom Puppy immediately took a liking to, and ran to her to give her a kiss.

If everything goes well, Puppy should be rehomed to the loving family in a week. Keep everyone posted! :)

Update 26 Feb
It is confirmed: Puppy has been adopted!