Sunday, 26 August 2012

ADOPT: badly neglected 8yo male jrt

A happy and active 8yr old JRT was sent to be put to sleep by its owner. He has been badly neglected over the years, and the simplest way to get rid of a life time committment to caring for him was to send him to the vet to be put to sleep.

He was rescued in time and we are now looking for an adopter to offer him TLC for his remaining years. If you are unable to adopt, we hope you can foster him meanwhile for his skin condition to improve which will also buy him time to look for a new home.

Breed: JRT
Age: About 8yrs old
Temperament: Happy and loves humans. Barks at times when no one is around.
Sterilized: Not yet

Other info: Has skin infection and will likely need medication for a period of time. He has also developed a lump on his hind leg which can be removed with a surgery

If you are able to help this little one, please email immediately. We will share more about his medical condition that can get better with a home filled with love and care. Please help spread the word for this helpless one.

Many thanks!