Thursday, 23 February 2012

ADOPT: Snickers - 6mo mongrel boy found in workshop, playful with dogs, needs time to warm up to humans

This is Snickers, or you can call him Sneakers, for he has a white spotted left paw. This poor boy was found in a workshop, all alone and we couldn't find his mom and the rest of his siblings. He has a crooked tail, probably resulted from the machineries where he used to be.

About him:

A very timid boy at the start due to his living condition. Extrememly playful with dogs, and he needs time to warm up with humans. He is semi paper-train (still working on that). 3-4months old mongrel puppy with a white chest, a spotted white paw with black dots, and small tinge of white fur on other 3 paws, with a crooked tail (sadly). Currently using medicated shampoo for his fur and it's improving tremendously since the day he was found. He's available for viewing.

If yes, then you are the one Baby Snickers is looking for!

Interested parties please email me at or SMS me at 97768464 (SMS only, as I'm still schooling). Please note that he is non-hdb approved and he needs to be fully vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized upon maturity.

Please think twice and discuss with ALL family members before making a decision to dedicate 15 years to this loyal companion who will never get sick and tired of you. All puppies are cute, can you still spare the same amount of time with him when he grows?


He's still up for adoption. About 6 months old now and his skin has recovered. Fully paper-trained now, although he prefers to do it outdoors. Attached are more recent photos, and more pictures have been uploaded to his Facebook album: