Thursday, 8 March 2012

SOS! FOUND/FOSTER/ADOPT: 8yo male beagle w weak legs (yew tee point, 6.3.12)

A 8 years old male Beagle was found outside Yew Tee point today (6March2012)
Suspect that he might be attacked/abused as he had wounds at his back.
Founder used pets med to disinfect the wounds.
Founder cannot support to bring it to the vet due to financial problems,
so really in need to find the owner!

He is very healthy, except for the injuries.
Due to the age, he has very weak legs too. He got difficulty jumping up a normal height chair.
The dog is currently with the founder's boss as she will be heading overseas.

So, if this is your dog, kindly contact me @ 97860886!
Fosterers/adoptions are welcomed too, just in case the owner cannot be found.

Thank you so much!



dog is scanned and he has got NO microchip.
SPCA said theres no lost cases of beagle reported.
Urgent need of fostering and adoption!