Tuesday, 14 February 2012

ADOPT: Dog - lovable, playful 5yo male golden retriever

I have a 5 year old golden retriever named Dog and I really hope to find him a good home. My husband have moved us to the UK with the intention of bringing him with us. However, we found out that we are pregnant with our second child. I have been the only person looking after him when we were in Singapore as my husband has to travel. I already have a hyperactive toddler to deal with and we have no maid. It has been really tough because he is a big dog and demands attention which I am unable to fulfill. I also have to separate Dog and our toddler as our toddler is fearless and always wants to play with him. As a parent, I has to consider the safety of what if, if I am not watching the Dog and toddler and play may become an accident.

Now we are in the UK and our Dog has been fostered by my sister for the last few months. My sister is currently also pregnant with her second child also and as her first child has developed asthma because of bronchitis, she wants me to rehome Dog as soon as I can. Having said that, She also have a golden retriever of her own and also considering to find a home for hers. As there is too much for her to handle, I am really troubled.

Also, the considerations of bringing Dog here with the extreme high cost. Secondly, we are currently living in a farm where there are live stock of sheep and cows reared by our neighboring farmer. This is a farming area and as Dog has never been accustomed to this sort of environment with live stock, rabbits, pheasants, foxes and etc. in the vicinity, we are also worried he might chased after either and get shoot by farmers. This is one of the major concerns.

As I am going to deliver my second child any moment, I am very concerned that I may not be able to fully attend to his needs and welfare as I am a housewife and will have to look after the 2 children myself.

Dog is currently 5 years old. He has a playful temperament. He is very lovable and would love daily walks and attention. He has to go toilet twice a day and be fed twice a day. He has an allergy to Chicken as he has sensitive skin, and so long he is given a shower every week or every other week, he will be very happy and settled.

I hope to find him a better home that he deserves as it is also not fair on him. My husband bought him when he was a tiny puppy. To-date, he is medically fit and micro-chipped and has all his vaccinations up to date. He has also been spayed.

I sincerely hope you can help us in finding Dog a new loving home to go to. You may contact me on my special SG direct dial number 3158 1637 if you need any verifications. This number will be directed to my UK mobile with no IDD charges on your side.