Monday, 28 November 2011

[rehomed!] help Animal Lovers League help Faith the abused stray

We thought we’ve seen it all. Sadly, the cruelty never ends. Faith is one dog that has seen it all. ALL can no longer afford to house anymore animals. However, Faith truly needed our help. We had no heart to turn her down.

Faith is an extremely friendly stray that spent her time in the jungles sleeping and waiting for her next meal. She never fights back, never attacks and never bites. She was bullied by the strays that lived around her.

This was not the worst part of her ordeal. It was a man who would land her in the state she is currently in. A man was seen using a wooden stick to hit Faith repeatedly and later poke this stick into her anus. An elderly man gave chase when he saw this but could not catch up in time. Hence, this cruel man still remains at large.

Due to this cruel treatment, Faith became immobile due to her swollen leg and hurt muscles as well as bones. She was also unable to pass motion for days due to the pressure and pain.

Faith still continues to trust humans and was a dear at the vet. No struggle and no need for a muzzle. She simply let the vets and nurses do what they needed to.

Faith is now in cage rest and has finally pooed on her own with the aid of some pain killers. Faith truly has faith. She has not given up on mankind despite the state she is now in due to her friendliness and love for humans. Faith gives us the strength to go on as we want to see her strong and happy again.

[Original post, Sat 20 Mar:]

faith has found a home!