Tuesday, 22 November 2011

[resolved!] ADOPT: Ginger - cheeky, intelligent, responsive, cheerful >9yo female jrt

Ginger is a female Jack Russell, exact age unknown but estimated by vet to be older than 9 years old. Her last vaccination was approximately one year ago, and she has been sterilised already. Ginger needs to be the only dog in the household because she is extremely unfriendly towards other dogs (in fact, this is the reason why we are giving her up after trying to make it work for one year). Ginger needs a firm owner who has lots of love to give.

She is very cheeky, very intelligent, very food oriented, and loves to sprint and bounce all over the place when she's in the mood for fun. She is very cheerful and sweet, and loves to snuggle and get rubbed down all over.

She is very responsive and we have brought her for basic obedience training, so she understands basic commands like heel, sit, down and stay (she graduated 2nd in her class, by the way). Ginger is easily toilet trained (she currently goes on newspaper in the toilet, but in our previous house, she was going on a pee-tray), but she only wants to do her business at home. She will not pee outside unless her bladder is really maxed out. She may be of an advanced age, but she is in the pink of health, super active, super alert and very frisky.

In the spirit of full disclosure, it must be made known that Ginger barks at strangers who loiter at the door (although she seems to recognize neighbours and doesn't bark at them). She sometimes barks if left alone at night separate from humans. She barks at certain household members (but only household members who are not firm with her) when they talk loudly or enter/exit the house.

Ginger does not run or jog. She sprints at home when excited, but she seems to have a very strict policy of only-brisk-walking when out and about. If she has a chance, she will ransack your bag/table for food, and rip up anything wrapped in paper/plastic in her endless quest for food.

We're not sure if she's good with children, but younger children aged 1 to 13 years have petted her before and we did not observe any objectional reaction from her.

Video link of Ginger: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoNUvZNMZiE


Ginger is now no longer available for adoption.