Friday, 2 September 2011

ADOPT: Unique Pretty Poker - female local breed

My name is Poker. I’ve three sisters with me at the shelter. We were a bunch of stray puppies rescued off Lorong Halus. Look how big we’ve grown! The four of us all turned out so differently nobody would have known we’re siblings!

The first thing you’ll notice about me is the soft wispy mane framing my face.

The next thing you’ll discover is that I’m extremely skinny. The humans are worried because I was born with an abnormally high metabolic rate. Even though I eat as much as the other dogs, my body somehow breaks down the food so much faster. Please do not be overly concerned, because despite my skinny frame, my spirits are great. I am no weak sickly dog. The humans have sent me to the vet who has given me the clear.

I am slightly shy towards humans. It takes time to be my friend and I hope you are not deterred.

More Details And Photos:

[fri 2 sep 2011. shared on req: email, 30 aug 2011.]