Friday, 1 July 2011

[reunited!] SOS! NOW IN SPCA! FOUND/FOSTER: m/c, sterilised 3yo, small, dark brown male dog (rosewood drive, woodlands, mon 27 jun 2011)

hi, my friend found a lost/ abandoned dog at Rosewood Drive (Woodlands area) in a big canal...the dog was found on 27 JUne 2011, in the evening.

not sure if the dog is lost or abandoned but it had a collar around it (removed cos it was dirty)

the dog is a male, sterilized, around 3 years old

the size is around a Maltese size, definitely HDB approved.

dark brown fur

my friend brought the dog to SPCA and it has a microchip from overseas, they are still trying to trace the owner. according to SPCA, the dog is quite healthy

my friend wanted to keep the dog but she's a foreigner n stays in a rented place, her house mates are afraid of dogs thus she had no choice but to give it to SPCA where the dog is currently at. They didn't let us know how long they'll keep the dog for, but as most of us know, it may not be for long (probably 2 days before they decide whether to put to sleep).

my friend has informed SPCA to let her know if they can't trace the owner.

in the event the owner can't be found, i am URGENTLY LOOKING FOR THE OWNER OR temporary FOSTERERS/ ADOPTERS...must be above 18 years of age and must have parental approval, i will do the screening and house checks beforehand as this is not my first time rescuing dogs but i have 4 dogs at home so unable to take him in and i have contacted the shelters who are full as well.

[tue 28 jun 2011. shared on request. source: email, tue 28 jun 2011.]

fri 1 jul 2011
owner collected dog from spca yesterday