Saturday, 30 July 2011

[rehomed!] SOS! ADOPT: Jack - 9mo male schnauzer-silky terrier cross - fosterer's other dog extremely territorial

Hi, im helping a friend (who is the foster owner) to put up an adoption notice of this young, now 9 month old schnauzer-terrier cross
Jack's currently at a foster home because his previous owner had some urgent matters at home and therefore needs to have Jack taken away with almost immediate effect.

The current foster owner has deep affections for Jack the first time he saw him and has decided to keep Jack and provide him a home (which was also why he declined all requests from interested adopters the first time Jack was up for adoption).

He has bought Jack to grooming and also a skin check to ascertain that Jack is not suffering from any sort of skin diseases (completely healthy!)

However within the month, it has been observed that the fosterer's other dog at home is EXTREMELY territorial and refuse to give in to Jack in any way, such that Jack will snuggle to the owner whenever possible and too afraid to roam the house by himself. The fosterer feels that this is not going well and definitely should not be the way a puppy like Jack should develop, especially when he use to be such an active dog.

It is with great regret that Jack has to be adopted and he hopes that anyone who is sincere and confident of giving Jack a good home could come forward.

Animal's name: Jack
Age: 9 months
Gender: Male
Breed: Silky Terrier-schnauzer Cross

HDB-approved? Yes

Vaccinated? Yes
Sterilised? No

Health condition? Good. have not appeared unwell so far, have not been to the vet before either except for his puppy vaccination. Feeds on dry knibbles and rice, eats v well.

Physical description? Tan/ brown with streaks of white on head and paws. small - medium sized now, will not be big because parents are both small-medium sized.

Personality/temperament? Loves attention and affection. Loves lying and being around people. Loves to play fetch. Active and playful.

Toilet trained? Fosterer has toilet trained him in the month Jack has been staying. He now pees and poops in the kitchen toilet when confine to the kitchen. However may still tend to mark a few spots in the kitchen. Jack will never ever pee/poop in his own cage and keeps his cage clean all the time.

Understands basic commands? yes. He understands if you are scolding him and he will lie low on the ground and look up at you and not move.

Good with other pets? Good but tends to be very timid in the presence of a more territorial dog.

Good with children? Good and loves being around people the most!

Why is it being put up for fostering/adoption? Explained above

Other comments:Extremely affectionate dog. would love to find him a good and loving home he deserves, and he really does deserve one.

[mon 20 jun 2011. shared on request. source: email, 15 jun 2011.]

sat 30 jul 2011
jack has found a home