Tuesday, 5 July 2011

ADOPT: Summer - cheerful, bright, mischievous, keen to please 8wo singapore girl

Summer was found and picked up by my friend's neighbour. He found her in a basket outside the temple with 3 of her slibling. His wife refuse to let him keep the puppy and she was hence, caged outside his home along the corridors. My friend offered to take her in for she couldn't bear to see a young puppy being locked up outside.

She has sinced then, changed up to 4 different homes because her previous adopter realised they couldn't take care of her and its hard to find a foster at the moment. She is currently staying at my place, where I feed, clean & train her everyday.

Details of Summer:
Name : Summer (being born in this season and for her cheerful disposition)
Age : 7 - 8 weeks old (as of 16 June 2011)
Sex : Female
Breed : MONGREL - (mixed or unknown breeding; a crossbreed or hybrid)
Color: White with light brown markings
Temperament: Cheerful, bright, mischievious, playful, keen to please.
Medical Status: Healthy as certified by Veterinarian, Vaccinated (1st month) & Dewormed
Commands/ Training: 80% paper-trained, responds to her Name, able to perform various tricks with use of treats/toys (SIT, DOWN, PAW, High-5, Roll)

Summer is typical mongrel that found on the street. We do not know who are her parents. She will grow up to approximately 15-20kg, a size of a medium breed dog. And she is NOT HDB-approved yet.

All puppies look cute. However, if she doesn't look cute when she grows up, are you still able to love her as much as before?

Owning a dog is a lifetime choice. She will be your beloved loyal partner and your RESPONSIBILITY for the next 15 - 17 years. Please do CONSIDER CAREFULLY.

Puppy is just like a piece of white sheet of paper. Training and behaviour correction is very important for Puppy.

If u are interested please send me your details and email to : shimin87@gmail.com

[mon 20 jun 2011. shared on request. source: email, mon 20 jun 2011.]