Thursday, 17 June 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Tucker the orange roan male English cocker spaniel

Orange Roan English Cocker Spaniel:

Was adopted from SPCA two years ago. According to SPCA, he was previously abused although they had no evidence of the fact.

He was already spaded and had his initial vaccinations at SPCA. He is currently up to date with all his vaccinations and doesn't need to be vaccinated again til' next year (2011). His veterinary clinic is The Animal Clinic@Sunset Way.

Tucker is a nervous dog and enjoys his personal space.

We think he is naturally nervous. He needs a gentle hand and an owner with ALOT of patience. He does not do well with boisterous dogs or young children. He gets traumatised pretty easily and pees submissively when this happens. He needs a calm, quiet home.

He LOVES food and will eat himself to death if this is not controlled.

Tucker is trained to go down to pee/poop. He is also trained to go off leash, he comes back when called. He understands basic obedience commands ie. sit, stand, wait, no, out etc... but NOT play ones ie. roll over, fetch, play dead etc...

A big plus is the fact that Tucker isn't a barker. I think I've heard him bark a handful of times in the two years we've had him, and they were one-offs. But he WILL whine for his food 'cause he's a glut!

Being a long-eared dog, he is prone to ear infections. We clean and dry his ears regularly to prevent and minimise this. Certain foods tend to make this worse so he is on a strict fish and veg/fruit diet. No meat. No wheat.

Also, being a cocker spaniel, his fur grows out pretty long, we groom him regularly to keep him clean and cool especially in our weather.

We will only give him up to a good home so I apologise in advance if I ask you too many questions.

Upon adoption, we will give you all his things, his food, collar, leash, ecollar, bowls etc as well as his vaccination card and SPCA adoption forms.

[Tue 6 Apr. Source:, Mon 5 Apr.]

update thu 17 jun
Tucker has recently been adopted by a good family.