Saturday, 6 March 2010

[rehomed!] 5 puppies found at 11 Tuas Ave 12 - already approached by AVA

Hi all,

This morning we found 5 puppies inside a box placed along the drain outside our company at 11 Tuas Ave 12. According to the security guard, he said that the puppies were abandoned by someone. The puppies are less than 2 months old.

I have called Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD), but the volunteer told me that they have too many dogs and impossible to take in any more. SPCA said that they won’t take in puppies unless they are injured.

And just about 5 min ago (10.30am), there are people from AVA here, wanted to bring the puppies away. We asked what they will do with the puppies and they said that they are going to put them to sleep, and we quickly stop them from bringing the puppies away.

If anyone wants to adopt or can help, please e-mail me at

Thanks a lot!

[Original post: 1 Mar,]

Update 6 Mar
Hi all,

Good news! All 5 puppies have been adopted! Together with the help from my friends and colleagues, we managed to find people from different places to rehome the puppies! I hope and I suppose the new home will be the best shelter for them.

I sincerely thank all who are care and concern on this matter.