Saturday, 30 January 2010

[rehomed!] Urgent help for 2 abandoned local breed puppies

Two local breed puppies are in need of good homes with experienced owners. They were found abandoned on a patch of grass in kranji on fri. i dont think they are HDB approved because they are medium sized when fully grown. Both of them are female, and are from the same litter. One is black, the other is sandy.

Temperament : Sandy one is quite affectionate, playful and loves to be held. She also likes licking my nose. Black one is more reserved but greedy. She is also quite affectionate. She has a white marking on her chest which is quite cute.

I really hope someone can adopt them. They are in urgent need of good homes because I am currently serving ns and i do not have the time to take care of puppies this young and i already have 1 adult dog and another 8 month old puppy. I really do not want to surrender them to SPCA.

Anyone interested please call me at 91504186 or e-mail

Update 1 Feb 2010
Pups have found an adopter and will be brought home tomorrow. Let's hope all goes well.