Wednesday, 26 October 2011

ADOPT: Tiger, Rabbit and Hearty Paw the rescued Sungei Kadut mongrels

3 rescued dogs from Sungei Kadut: Tiger (top), Rabbit (centre) and Hearty Paw (bottom).

One of them were Tiger - Summer's son whom was adopted by the factory years ago but was returned back as they received a letter from the authority on the removal of all the dogs in their premises.

Sometimes, we wish to be more callous yet seeing how well-behaved they were at the factory.. we couldnt bear the thought to leave them behind.

Eventually, we rescued two more dogs which belongs to the factory prior to rescuing Tiger as they could no longer care for them... *sigh*

PS: Summer and Tea (Family of Tiger) whom are both in the safe arms of the angels in heaven, please bless and watch over your beloved canine friends whom desperately needs help on earth.

[Wed 5 May. Source:, 6 Oct 2009.]